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November 27th, 2011 - Winterized
The new tires were awesome. Very happy I bought the Michelin Pilot Road 2.
Bike is now put away for winter. Now have 25,503km on it. Only put about 3,200km on it this year. And that was mainly in the spring and early summer. Unfortunately, this summer was way to hot to be able to really get out much. Overall it was another good year on the bike.
April 23rd, 2011 - New tires
Got the bike out for another year. There's 22,266 km on it now. Needed new tires, so got the Michelin Pilot Road 2 put on with 22,618 km on the bike. I've put a few hundred kilometres on them so far and they are amazing. So much better than the Metzeler's! Turn-ins are so smooth.
Also, updated the website a little. Added some Pictures of the new Pilot Road 2 tires and the old Metzeler's. You can see on the Metzeler's that my "chicken strips" are pretty big! I didn't like those tires at all. The new Pilot Road 2's already have smaller "chicken strips".
Also added a Stereo section to the site which shows what the stereo consists of on my bike.
And last, updated the links section to include an article on "The Pace Principles". The article is a must read for all motorcyclists!
2010 -
Didn't get out much on the bike.
There's 21,400 km on it at the beginning of this year. Only put about 1,600km on it.
March 14th, 2009 -
Got the bike out. There's 19,779 km on it now!
2008 -
Must have put a lot of kilometres on it this year... don't know the number. Estimate 5,000 km in 2008.
March 27th, 2007 - New tires
Original OEM tires need to be replaced due to cracks, more than due to tread life!
Went with Metzeler Sportec M3's for the front and rear.
Don't know how many kilometres put on in 2007, estimate 5,000 km.
February 1st, 2007 - The year was 2006, and it was the best year of my life!
Awesome. Had a great time riding for the first year. The bonus is that I actually survived.
I took the end of April off from work and rode around my home town. The 2nd day I almost went into a field. Had too much speed going into an 'S' bend and ended up aborting the corner because I froze. Stood it up and hammered the brakes. Came within 2 feet of a 5 foot drop off into a field. It was close. After that I took it easy for about a day. haha.
I had a total of 4 close calls. I had a friend on the back and I popped my first wheelie by accident. Was very close to dumping it. Cut the throttle at about 11o'clock and came down hard on my nuts.
The third time I was going around a corner on Side Road 15. I rode that road a lot! and I usually take this corner doing about 100km/h. But for some reason I had a funny feeling so I did it at around 60. Mid way through the corner another car is half in my lane because a kid on a bike is taking up their lane. Very easily could have been all over that guys windshield.
The fourth time I don't remember right now.
I had a lot of fun taking corners fast. Scrapped my foot 3 or 4 times leaning so low on the corner. Also went pretty fast. Did 250 two or three times. Topped it out at 260 once. It was crazy. Nobody needs to go that fast. But it was awesome. I started wearing ear plugs about half way through the season, and I'm glad I did. The wind noise is deafening..
This winter was very warm. I took it out December 14th and thought that would be the last time. But I went out again January 1st. Best New Years day ever. Now winter is really here for good it seems, so I have to put it away for a few months.
Total kilometres put on it: 8,944. So I've racked up 6,085 km this year!!!
May 3rd, 2006 - The time has come
Finally the time came to ride my motorcycle. I took last week off of work and put about 1,500 km on it!

October 22nd, 2005 - Bought a motorcycle
Today I bought a 2000 Honda CBR600 F4. It is in mint condition! No damage or scratches. Completely stock and low km's (2,800!)! Drove it around twice before I stored it for the winter. It's going to be a long winter this year. Check out the movie of me revving it one last time.

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